Raphaela Gromes

It is no surprise that Raphaela could already sing a lot of pieces by memory when she started playing the cello at the age of four. Thanks to her parents who performed as the “Nymphenburger Celloduo” until the day of her birth, the cello repertoire became part of her life from the very beginning. Raphaela envied her parents’ pupils, and started to learn the cello with the intention to be on stage herself soon after, and perform her beloved works.

As a child, Raphaela played everything by ear instantly. Still nowadays she keeps struggling reading music, but on stage she has always felt at home and her cello has become a natural part of her body.

Raphaela became a rebel when she had her first big performance with orchestra at the age of 14. No, she did not play any famous solo work of the classical cello repertoire in this concert. She performed Guldas Cello Concerto with an amplifier, accompanied by a wind and brass orchestra.

Since then she was not taught by her mother anymore, but continued her studies as a pre-college student studying with Prof. Bruns in Leipzig. Additionally, she also attended grammar school where she spent little time. Instead, she performed as a soloist with different orchestras and had several concert tours. In 2009 for example, she travelled to South Africa to give concerts there in the middle of the academic year. Nevertheless, she still graduated successfully receiving high marks for her Abitur. Who knows how she got the right solutions for her math exams …

In 2012, Raphaela began her professional studies in Munich with Wen-Sinn Yang. She has been supported by several foundations, and among many awards she received a scholarship from the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”.

For her numerous performances in big concert halls and with orchestras like the Münchner Symphoniker or chamber music partners like Mischa Maisky, Raphaelas most inspirational guides have been David Geringas and Wolfgang Boettcher.

In 2013, she left her home for the first time for an extended period, undertaking an exchange year in Vienna studying with Reinhard Latzko.

Cécile started her musical life in her early childhood, but it seemed far too easy for her to emulate her grandmother, mother and sister playing the violin. Besides, it was love at the first sight between her and her 1/8-size cello, which she called lovingly “Tina”.

Wolfgang Boettcher describes her as an “exceptional cellist” with a “perfectly developed technique” and an “extremely beautiful cello sound”.  But above all, Cécile communicates with her cello and she is able to express more with a musical phrase than what many politicians express with their long speeches. It is quite clear that her interests have not only been focused on practicing during her whole life, but- goes beyond it towards many other exciting and fascinating things. In fact, Cécile who is born in Zürich once travelled around the world (and please note, she travelled without her cello), after finishing her Master of Performance under the tutelage of Thomas Grossenbacher in Zürich with Distinction, receiving the highest marks in all subjects.

Cécile very much enjoys to unite her profession with her passion for travelling and exploring the world. She has experienced this combination in three successful concert tours in South America as well as on the luxury cruiser “MS Europe” travelling from Mexico to Hawaii.

Her principles agree with Béla Bartóks opinion “Competitions are for horses, not artists”, and therefore her career has developed without seeking after international prizes.

Musical versatility is significant for Cécile’s musicianship. Her secondary subject at the Zürich University of Arts for example was Jazzcello. She is a member of the “Quickchange” company for musical theatre, and she also plays regularly in different studio recordings, for projects in London and Los Angeles among others.

Cécile took part in masterclasses with renowned cellists such as Wolfgang Boettcher, Wen-Sinn Yang, Troels Svane, Claude Starck and Alexander Rudin. Since Autumn 2012, she is studying in Bern and Stuttgart with Conradin Brodbek. She performs in Switzerland and abroad, giving concerts as a soloist with different orchestras as well as a chamber musician much in demand.

Her passion for travelling is very important, as she rarely stays at the same place for more than 12 hours.